Now That I Live in a Church, Can I Still Have Unkind Thoughts?


Tim S told me to be vigilant: moving is the time when established patterns get thrown to the wayside and routines that have kept me sober in the past are subjugated to the unpacking of a hundred boxes (what is all this stuff???). In the past few days I have not felt the desire to drink, but I did feel the strong desire to kill someone. Is that considered a trigger?

My blog took the first hit in my established routine and I feel a little creaky writing this morning. Between exhaustion and technical issues (including the misplacing of both my laptop and phone chargers) I did not have the strength/brainpower to write. I was also supervising the nearly impossible task of cramming my monolithic furniture up the crotchety back steps of a Neo-Gothic church.

No, I am not a ward of the state or seeking asylum – my new, super-hip apartment is in a refurbished church and there is no elevator to get to my third floor belfry. Let me tell you about Lloyd (speaking of hair-triggers), the fellow who drove the rig with all my worldly goods from Jacksonville to Grand Rapids. I knew he was not going to be part of the solution when he called the night before the move and said, “Tell me apartment number 306 doesn’t mean you live on the third floor. And tell me there’s an elevator…is that a church you’re moving in? You’ve got a lot of heavy furniture…”

I said, “Aren’t you a mover, Lloyd?” And it was on till the break of dawn.

Lloyd went on to sidestep being part of the solution. Everything was too big or too small. Hallways were too crooked and doorways to narrow (according to his toe to heal measurements). All my best furniture would have to be “cut in two” or “left on the curb”. I hate Lloyd and I don’t even feel that bad saying it in the rafters of a church. Thankfully two, darling, local guys straight out of Fargo – “Oh sure hon, we can do this. If it can be moved we can move it for ya,” turned up and moved mountains. Well actually they moved a 500 pound bookcase up one staircase to the second floor where it was impassible and then carried it around the building in 10 degree weather to the other staircase to get the job done. Just Us is the moving company and they are awesome.

Gotta go – first day at the office and I want to be early and sharp (although my fingernails look like I have dug trenches with my bare hands…)

Re-establish routines. Check.

Today I’m not drinking because I have to work and pay to heat this joint…

How come you’re not drinking?