Nostalgic For the Lifestyle, Not the Booze



I was speaking to a friend of mine the other day about  the years I lived in The Bahamas. He had some similar experiences in the islands and we were reminiscing about the lifestyle. At the time, we were sitting in a restaurant in Michigan with a foot of snow outside and a fresh batch drifting to the ground as we spoke –  poetic in its perfect contrast.


He said, “I am not nostalgic about drinking. If anything, it’s the lifestyle I miss.”


This was HUGE. Because it was the way I was feeling too. For the first time, the memory of my heyday in The Bahamas was not clouded with a “but”. The fact is, I do not miss the drinking.


I’ll say it again. I do not miss the drinking.


Today I’m not drinking because I don’t miss it. This is HUGE.


How come you’re not drinking?