Living Sober on the Other Side of the World…

One of the things that has been wonderful about getting sober, is meeting new people online from around the planet. I have readers in 32 countries. Isn’t it incredible, when you think about the reach of the internet?

I think of myself as a student of the world. I’ve been around. And when my friend Lotta Dann, who runs the Living Sober NZ website, was looking for someone three years sober or more, to answer some questions for her readers, I jumped at the chance. I’ve never been to New Zealand.

Living Sober…

Lotta, who is also Mrs. D is Going Without is someone I admire and read regularly. And her Living Sober website is full of fun activities and information for recovering people all over the globe. I have traveled in person to that side of the world a few years ago, and it took fourteen hours and the day changed. I had to spend the night in Hawaii. These days, with a little lag, Mrs. D. and I are able to communicate real time. Awesome.

Take a look at my interview and join the Living Sober NZ community if you like – it’s free. Leave a comment!  Click below. Oh and I had to tell my age… I guess you knew I wasn’t an ingénue, with all this experience under my belt, right? I’m actually proud to be reinventing myself at this late date.

And I’m proud to be Living Sober all over the damn place!

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Today I’m not drinking because I’m living LARGE (and sober)…

How come you’re not drinking?