I’ve Given Up Sugar…. Again


Will you think less of me if I tell you I think this looks delicious?


Don’t Get the Wrong Impression

I hope you don’t have the wrong impression of me. I talk about sugar so much, you might think I look like the rotund sidekick on every crime series. The one who types like a maniac, trying to head off an FBI wide computer crash, brought on by a villain who will later be chased (Parkour style) through a back ally, by one of the more limber members of the crime stopping team. The plump one is always staring into a computer like an airline agent: scowling and clicking mysteriously, but with an air of quirky brilliance, while popping something sweet into their mouth for the energy they will need to stay up all night and save the world.


Recidivist Sweet Tooth…

Lately, I spend a lot of time at my computer screen. And for the past two years I have battled with what can only be described as a sugar addiction. I’ve always had a sweet tooth. My children used to hide their Halloween candy from me, because I’d sneak into their rooms after they were sleeping and I’d had a couple of glasses of wine, to steal their Whoppers and Gobstoppers and Nutter Butters (all good nicknames for the “curvy” computer nerd above). But since I got sober, it has gotten worse…


I am off sugar again. I am not going to tell you for how long, or how long I plan to have a moratorium, because my recidivism is an embarrassment to me. I start with a small piece of birthday cake and the next thing I know, I’m alone in a room shoving a selection of candy bar “minis” into my maw. I will tell you that like the early days of my sobriety, I have more energy and feel more hopeful since I gave it up (again).


Read All About It

I just wrote an article for Recovery Connection.org I am rather proud of, called: The Downside of Sobriety: The Six Things No One Tells You Might Happen If You Quit Drinking. In the article, I discuss the psychological bugaboos that might crop up when you get sober. Eating disorders are only one of them.



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Today I’m not drinking because instead of gulping wine or decimating cupcakes, I am nibbling (oh so decadent) frozen grapes!


Give this woman a VICE for God’s sake!

How come you’re not drinking?