Clubs That Would Have Me as a Member…

I am usually kind of like Groucho Marx. “I don’t want to belong to any club that would accept me as one of its members.” And let’s not forget I am a Marketing Director, with mad social media skills. I’m a  Hubspot graduate. I know that every time you create a  “Best Of” blog post, it drives traffic to your website.

It’s what makes the exponential world of new media go round.

Membership has its privileges…

So it is against my grain to be too giddy about being included in the After Party Magazine’s “20 Best Recovery Blogs of 2016”. I am not that green. But the After Party Group is the real deal: providing a resource for information about addiction and treatment.  Their annual list is the list.  And this year’s roundup includes some of my favorite recovery writers.

So, just like my “membership” in the recovery community at large, it’s rather nice to be a card carrying member of this club…

Take a Look:


The Twenty Best Recovery Blogs of 2016

And (oh come on, what else did you have to do on a holiday weekend?):


Hemingway, Sober Sex, Mean Girls & The Worst Hangover EVER…

Today I’m not drinking because I am a member of the Sober Club.

How come you’re not drinking?