The best thing about being sober is the morning…


According to the National Health Service (NHS), UK, there is no “treatment” for a hangover – the best way to avoid one is either not to drink, or to drink sensibly and within the recommended limits… (duh)


I feel great this morning!  My only run-in with the hurly-burly of St Patrick’s Day, was picking up Lauren and Melissa from the heart of the Jacksonville Beach bar scene.  It was like The Emerald City and Sodom and Gomorrah rolled into one…


There is precious little for recovering alcoholics to gloat about. You don’t hear us crowing, “You think you’re resourceful? One time when I was drinking, and I didn’t have a cork screw or a glass, I broke the bottle on a train track and drank from the neck, right over the shards! HA HA! Top that.”  We are usually just happy to be alive…


But on mornings like this we are righteous.


What causes a hangover? Why do you feel like hell this morning?


  • Dehydration – alcohol makes you pee more;
  • Immune System – there might be an inflammatory response while your body sends out an SOS;
  • Stomach Irritation – alcohol increases stomach acids and slows down the rate at which the stomach empties itself – can you say nausea?
  • Tanking Blood Sugar – blood sugar falls sleepily into your dancing shoes;
  • Dilation of Blood Vessels – and that’s were the headache comes from;
  • Poor Sleep Quality – restless sleep patterns and you wake up feeling  wretched;
  •  Congeners – substances that are produced during fermentation are known to contribute to symptoms of a hangover.


That’s it.  Thanks to MNTMedical News Today – for the information! And thanks to Lauren (who is experiencing the above) for reminding me of this great movie scene:



Have a NICE day!

Today I’m not drinking because I’m cutting back on congeners…

How come you’re not drinking?