Factoid: Addicts Lie



Lauren was friends with twins in high school. Their father used to introduce them by saying, “These are my daughters. They lie.” I thought it was funny, because he always said it with a resigned, seriousness: as if having teenage daughters who lied was somehow unique and surprising.


The fact is, anyone who has raised teenage girls knows they tell fibs regularly – to stay out of trouble, finagle special favors and mask illicit comings and goings. Addicts lie too, for the some of the same reasons.


We are spending time thinking about and talking about the motives for addicts’ lying at Sanford House , and how to break the pattern of untruth as a fallback, even after years of sobriety.


Here is my latest for Sanford House:


Liar, Liar – Learning to Tell the Truth in Recovery






Today I’m not drinking because when I drink I LIE…


How come you’re not drinking?