Don’t Do Dat


I feel silly today.


I also woke to a large, interesting statistic on my Jetpack (that’s  WordPress speak for obsessively checking how many people are reading the blog): the most people ever looked at yesterday’s blog post on Sober People Smoking Cannabis, after midnight. Hum. All those stoners up late, eating Cracker Jacks, playing with the surprise in the box, reading sobriety blogs and feeling good about themselves not drinking???


So here’s the deal. I get people everyday asking me, “How do I do this? How do I start not drinking?” They ask, “Is sobriety worth it?” and, “Will I have the perseverance to stay sober?” and,  “What happened to make you just STOP?”


Because I’m feeling frivolous today, I will remind you that I had absolutely no specific reason to stop drinking (it was the cumulative effect). And no cards up my sleeve. I just quit drinking. And whenever I felt like drinking I said aloud, “STOP!” I still do.


It worked for me. I wish I had a secret formula, or a sure fire method I could patent, or a surprise at the bottom of the blog. And I totally wish I said something cooler like, “DON’T DO DAT…”



Today I’m not drinking because I am telling myself, “DON’T DO DAT…”

How come you’re not drinking?