Before and After – How Alcohol Wreaks Havoc on Your Hair

I Dated Captain Ron for Three Years

Someone asked me the other day if I was wearing hair extensions, because my hair “looked so thick”. It’s funny, because for so many years I have hated my thin hair, and recently it has become kind of amazing. I actually did wear hair extensions during The Bahamas years. I thought they looked glamorous at the time. Based on a quick perusal of old photographs, I actually looked like a drunk, with someone else’s hair hot melt glue-gunned to my scalp…

The thing about hair extensions, is that they’re great for bombshell, red-carpet entrances at gala events, but day to day they are impractical – unless you travel with your hairdresser or sit with the quiet grace of a geisha in the shade of a parasol. While I was living in The Bahamas, there was nothing about my milieu that could be described as “graceful”, and more often than not, I’d stumble into a bar bathroom to find I’d been holding court with a hank of severed hair draped across a shoulder like some enormous fuzzy-bear caterpillar…

Anyhoo, I haven’t worn extensions for a year and a half, and suddenly I have this luxurious head of hair. So of course, I wanted to know why. I am always looking for more reasons to crow about sobriety and honestly, by the end of my boozing years, beneath the Remy wefts, I was practically bald. I wouldn’t want that to happen to you.

Alcohol Wreaks Havoc on Your Hair

Here’s Why:

  • Heavy drinkers rarely have a balanced diet;
  • Alcohol is a diuretic, and hair is like a tissue that needs constant nourishment and hydration;
  • Booze raises estrogen levels and elevated estrogen causes hair loss;
  • Over-drinking lowers levels of zinc and vitamins B and C: essential elements for healthy hair growth;
  • Drinking alcohol causes folic acid to drop – folic acid is vital for strong hair.

For more information about this subject you can go to The Alcoholism Guide. And there are also plenty of articles about what alcohol can do, to mess with your weight, teeth, skin, nails and all other things attractive.  Speaking of attractive:

Today I’m not drinking because I am brushing my flowing locks.


How come you’re not drinking?