90 Meetings in 90 Days!


From photos taken at an AA meeting – spring of 1964


It didn’t happen…  I heard that people attended 90 AA meetings in 90 days, and I knew I could never pull that off, so I invented a truncated version of the dictum – 30 Meetings in 30 Days – and announced to my friends I intended to achieve this goal. No one looked skeptical or said, “You aren’t going to do that Mare,” although I know they all thought it… I am here to confess I gave up about half way through.




By now you should have figured out I am a dabbler – my best intentions are always stymied by the tedium of the follow through. I did do 5 meetings in 5 days, and I am more open to 12-Step meetings in general, but that hardly deserves an exclamation point or a website “unique click”. I did do a lot of research, and now I know about Celebrate Recovery, Faces and Voices of Recovery, Smart Recovery and the fact there are 700 AA meetings to choose from in the Jacksonville area alone.


I still believe the idea of 90 AA meetings in 90 days is valid for the following reasons:

1.  For those who are new to recovery and feeling fragile, attending meetings every day is a means of connecting and reaffirming sobriety.

2.  Showing up at one or more meeting a day helps to establish healthy patterns and new, positive habits.

3.  90 days of meetings, allows a person to familiarize themselves with the program and even establish a “home meeting” and a sponsor.

4.  Alcoholics are used to filling their days with drinking and more drinking (I  found the days were long without having to schedule time to drink three bottles of Chardonnay…): organizing and attending meetings is something positive to do to fill the hours.

5.  Regular attendance at meetings requires social interaction – and helps eliminate the desire for isolation – the alcoholic’s bête noire… .


I’m a dilettante.  So sue me. But I am an educated, thinking, conversational, sober,dilettante. And I am open to every idea, every article, every gathering, every avenue to alleviate suffering and improve the process of getting and staying sober.


Find your meeting.


Today I’m not drinking because I’m busy starting something, telling everybody about it, and then not finishing what I started…

How come you’re not drinking?