10 Autumn Calabrese quotes that apply to sobriety

inspirational quote from autumn calabrese

I have 10 Autumn Calabrese quotes for you that can easily be applied to sobriety. Want to hear them?

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By the way, who’s Autumn Calabrese?

Until this summer I had never heard of Autumn Calabrese…and I had only heard of Beachbody in the, “oh isn’t that the P90X thing?” kind of way.

But since I was staying home with the boys this summer, I wanted to find a workout that I could do in my garage (rather than dragging them to the childcare gym and worrying about that). And I wanted to invest in a program that also gave me some meal planning ideas, because I’m not strong in that area….yet!

[Here is a blog post I recently wrote that has a no-cook meal prep program for five days – it’s actually pretty good!]

So anyway, here I am doing new (and challenging!) workout programs in my garage. And they are all lead by Autumn. Most times, during the middle of the workout, she starts sharing inspirational words of wisdom. Ideally, they are obviously meant for people who are struggling – or getting tired – in the workout to dig deep and find some inspiration.

But I found myself thinking about how her quotes paralleled to sobriety – and the journey one takes when they start removing alcohol from their lives.

Hit pause

So, sometimes I would find myself literally hitting pause during a work out, so I could take notes about her motivational point of the moment. I thought what she was sharing could definitely be helpful for those looking for inspiration in their own alcohol free journeys.

10 Autumn Calabrese Quotes that can be applied to sobriety

Without further ado, here they are!

  1. Get rid of the microwave mentality 

What is microwave mentality? If I don’t see results in four days from XYZ, I’m going to stop. (I admit, I’m guilty of this!) In embracing and alcohol-free lifestyle, you have to trust that it’s a process…a life long process, complete with stumbles, plateaus and peaks along the way.

inspirational quote by autumn calabrese

2. There are power in the choices that we make every day

Every day you have to wake up and make choices that impact your life both immediately and long-term. Will this choice you are about to make get you closer to your goal? Will your next choice bring you happiness or contentedness?

3. Choose courage over comfort

We find comfort in things or habits that are familiar. Even if we don’t love those things or habits any more! Step outside your comfort zone and decide to choose change over wha’ts familiar.

4. You have to find places to breathe

Whether we are talking about endurance training (in the case of some Beachbody cardio workouts) or just committing to reevaluating your relationship with alcohol, it’s important to find a place to breathe. When you get stressed, nervous, anxious or excited, just breathe. One of the quickest ways to move from a negative to positive mindset is to change your breathe.

picture of barre3 class

5. Not everyone is going to understand your journey and that’s o.k.

This is your journey for you. Please don’t make decisions based on making other people comfortable.

6. Every accomplishment starts with the decision to try

Just try. Even if you stumble, at least you are trying. And I promise you, you will make progress along the way.

7. Your strength is going to come from what you thought you couldn’t; not what you already know you can.

When you experience new sober firsts, it is SO empowering. It fuels you to want to achieve more. This also is true when you finish a crazy workout that you didn’t think you could ever do!

inspirational quote from autumn calabrese

8. When it gets tough, you get tougher

Autumn likes to say, “It doesn’t get easier, you get stronger.” Soon, you’ll start to believe that you can handle unexpected situations, stressful events or anything in between.

9. What attitude did you show up with today?

Are you talking positively to yourself? Do you give yourself pep talks? Or are you quitting in your mind before you even try. Getting rid of negative self-talk can help when it comes to working out or working towards an alcohol free goal.

10. If you’re tired of starting over, stop giving up. 
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