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The Serenity Prayer – Extended Version

I was reading Betty Ford’s Betty: A Glad Awakening and the book taught me something (many things) I did not know. You guys probably all know this, but the Serenity Prayer (which truth be told has always seemed a bit basic to me) does not end where I thought it ended – at the part where […]

Is it Okay to Lie (Occasionally) in Recovery?

  It’s Good Friday, and I try to be very honest these days. In fact there are some who say I am brutally honest – telling things that are best left unsaid or swept under a rug. Speaking of which, I have, not once, but twice, taken a sip of my early morning coffee, deep […]

Eating Disorders + Addiction (How Do You Kill the Hydra?)

That’s me on the left – I’m like, “I am NOT going to eat 4,000 calories of candy in one sitting – burn the head after I cut it off!!!” and the other guy is like, “Wait. Did you say 4,000 calories?” and I’m like “Don’t worry – I took Correctol” and he’s like, “Yuck…” […]

Recovering Alcoholics Smoking Pot? WHAT?

From the movie Private Benjamin: Judy Benjamin: I think they sent me to the wrong place. Capt. Doreen Lewis: Uh-huh. Judy Benjamin: See, I did join the army, but I joined a “different” army. I joined the one with the condos and the private rooms   I Think I Might Have Joined the Wrong Recovery […]

Alcohol and Injury – Rainy Day Stats…

  Jacksonville Beach this morning… Reading scholarly statistics about something as unmindful as excessive drinking can be amusing. First of all, excessive drinking is defined as 5 drinks for men and 4 drinks for women per day. Need I mention my previous, three-bottle-of-wine-a-day habit would translate into 15 drinks a day? I’m the statistical equivalent […]