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You Look Like You’ve Had a Long (Sober) Day…

You Look Like You’ve Had a Long (Sober) Day…

You Look Like You’ve Had a Long (Sober) Day…

wine store

How festive…


I went into the grocery store last night after work to pick up a few things. I was briskly charging down the snack isle (passing the caramel corn and crisps with great resolve) when a woman grabbed my arm and said, “Sweetie, the floor’s wet right there. I wouldn’t want you to fall. You look like you’ve had a long day…”


I appreciate the fact she was watching out for me, because I didn’t see the water on the floor. I wonder, however, what I must have looked like to have her surmise I’d not only had a “long day”, but needed someone to help me over a drip of water on the linoleum. Did I look exhausted? Vulnerable? Was I shuffling or limping?


Of course after she said it, I became aware of how I was deporting myself; I straightened my shoulders and stepped lively. Taking stock of my clear-headedness, I became so aware of my surroundings, the bright colors of the product boxes hurt my eyes…


Shopping for Wine While Drunk…

And then I thought of all the times I have gone into a grocery store drunk and probably really needed the kindness of a stranger – a steadying hand on my arm. A bottle of Toasted Head in each fist and a frown from concentrating on walking. So many times, and so drunk I don’t even think that viral video of the inebriated guy in the convenience store with the 12-pack of beer that throws him off balance, is funny. It hits too close to home.


So I’ve decided to take the “you look like you’ve had a long day” thing as a compliment, not a criticism. After all, I did have a long day. I worked hard, got some exercise and was doing my best to pick up healthy food, pass by the sweet treats that were calling my name and avoid the wine racks.



Today I’m not drinking because I’ve had a long day…



How come you’re not drinking?

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Comments (4)

  1. Avatar
    Jul 13, 2016

    Isn’t that what people do? I mean be kind, be helpful, help your neighbor, reach out a hand? I’m glad she looked out for you even if you didn’t need it. What makes some people not care , not be nice, not find you likeable, what is it in them? I don’t understand. I never had that in all my life with dad. You have no idea how much I wish B would put one hand on my shoulder to help me. Do you realize that only you 3 reach out anything for us? Do you know how low that makes me feel? How unloved? How you wonder if you belong anywhere in this earth? Did I tell you and Miss Kim thank you for talking to me on the phone. Like I mattered to someone. I think I might watch the little mermaid with Evie all dressed in black and find my voice.

    • Marilyn
      Jul 14, 2016

      I hear you. You matter. Write as much as you like about your situation here.

  2. Avatar
    Jul 14, 2016

    How come you're not drinking?
    It's been a hard days night !
    couldn’t help thinking what the good Samaritan would of said you under similar circumstances first thing in the morning ?

    • Marilyn
      Jul 14, 2016

      “Oh just fall down – you are too beautiful, lively and together to need MY help….”

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