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Opening New Doors in Recovery

Opening New Doors in Recovery

Opening New Doors in Recovery


Would you get in a van with this woman?


For those people who really know me, it is difficult to picture me driving a van. With people in it. They will recount cautionary stories of yore, when I sent mailboxes spinning into the street or backed out of the garage with the door open – nearly bringing down the house as I decimated a supporting wall. They will spin yarns about the auto-repair kit I kept hidden (a hammer, a black felt pen and nail polish remover) and the fact I employed my small children to help me bump out the daily dents and scrapes I put in the Land Rover, before my husband got home.


They will tell you I pulled off the entire front panel of a gas station tank when I forgot the spigot was still in my car – folks running with hazardous waste kits and face masks. Of the myriad of near misses with the police for easing through stop signs, forgetting to register my car or driving “erratically” while attempting to get my kids to the bus on time. Even Kim, who loves me unconditionally, says, “You are a terrible driver.”


So it is with great pride I tell you I have been trained, vetted and approved to drive the Sanford House van and I have already made one journey without incident. It is just another one of the things giving up drinking has changed for the better in my life.


Isn’t sobriety a gas (to use a corny but impossible to resist pun)?


Today I’m not drinking because, hello? I’m driving a van

How come you’re not drinking?

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Comments (4)

  1. Avatar
    Laura P
    Mar 14, 2016

    How come you're not drinking?
    I'm in the midst of a cleanse
    Oh boy!!! The stories I have of your driving! And the blame I have taken over the years while employed by you… Glad to see you are turning it around and cleaning up your “driving cred”. In addition to sobriety, I think the red pumps you are rocking can’t hurt!! LOVE TO YOU xoxo

    • Marilyn
      Mar 14, 2016

      Laughing. I did make the woman give me a round of applause when we arrived from our maiden voyage, because I: A. Didn’t kill anybody and B. Didn’t LOSE anybody… I am laughing thinking of how I sold you down the river for my crimes…
      Love to you,

  2. Avatar
    Mar 14, 2016

    The designer jacket and red pumps sorta negate the stigma of the mommy van. Plus that appears to be a very nice looking van – love the silver!
    Way to go, Marilyn. I would let you drive my babies (grown) now!

    • Marilyn
      Mar 14, 2016

      Isn’t life grand? Thanks Rosalind for the vote of confidence. For most the jury is still out… And red pumps always go with silver…

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