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Drinkin’ Stories

Have You Ever Been Stalked?

  Help. I looked at a pair of boots on Zappos a few days ago, and now whenever I go onto Facebook, a picture of the same boots pops up on the right side of the feed. How does it know? Then yesterday I was researching something for this blog and right before the information surfaced, […]

Throw Back Thursday…

It’s a little dangerous for me to go through old photographs. The ones of The Bahamas still give me a punch in the gut. It’s like looking at photos of the happy times with the boyfriend you adored, who was wrong for you (I have one of those in The Bahamas too…). We all know […]

Alcohol and Sex

Alcohol and Sex

  Made you look. How do I put this delicately? When I was a drinker, I occasionally ended up in what might be called a compromising position. The best way to describe it is a fugue state: I didn’t black out exactly, but I’d find myself half dressed, or in an unfamiliar location, or with an unlikely man wondering how in the world I […]

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