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How Did I Do It? Quit Drinking That Is…

How Did I Do It? Quit Drinking That Is…

How Did I Do It? Quit Drinking That Is…



Yesterday was quite a day for my sobriety and my psyche.  Charlie Patton of the Florida Times Union wrote an article about the blog, and I was deluged with emails, texts, phone calls and Facebook comments from well-wishers and friends.*


Many people said they were struggling with addiction, and wanted to know how I did it.  How exactly did I quit drinking?  Believe it or not, I never really thought about the HOW before.  So I’m thinking this morning (till my thinker gets sore…).


Here’s What Helped…

What helped me (and my liver) in the beginning,  were several 30 day respites.  I coupled them with diets –  twice I went to Canyon Ranch.  It didn’t  always went back to drinking, but this stop-gap got me feeling like I was strong enough to do it long term, and frankly helped my addled mind THINK more clearly about the damage I was doing to myself.  I have several friends who are trying 30 day breaks from drinking right now.


An ex-addict friend of mine says it’s like the legs of a stool.  You try to find as many kinds of support as you can – to make you stronger.  I went to AA meetings (I go infrequently but they are a great way to get out of the house and meet others), talked to my best friend, went to church, got down on my knees, went for long beach walks, STAYED HOME, confessed to my children, surrendered, relied on my wonderful friends, got a job, started a blog, sold my house in The Bahamas… Most of all I was honest with myself every day.


The Fool Factor

Let’s face it.  I’d look like a complete IDIOT at this point, if I started drinking again.  And sobriety is all about what it takes to get YOU there.


I don’t mean to say I’m out of the woods yet. Or to be cocky.  In fact I am humbled.  Greatly.  There are many days when I get a feeling – like a punch in the gut – damn but I’d love to have a drink(s).  It’s always when I’ve been disappointed by something, or feel blue, or see people having a cocktail in an exotic spot.  And sometimes I feel resentful.  But, as my ex-father-in-law used to say, “Steady on.  Buck up.”  And I keep the faith.  I always keep the faith…

Hit the Presses!

*If you didn’t read the article, find it HERE  And thanks (in no particular order because I CAN”T alphabetize for shit and it would take hours) to everyone who shared the link on Facebook and Twitter: Lauren Spiller, Kim Vincenty, Dee Bistrong, Steve Williams, Tony Versus, Courtney Hartert, Susan Hamilton, Woody Bucherie, Charlie and Robin Patton, @Richard Bistrong, @Kellyfitz11, @KLENandSOBR, @v_henk.  To all the well wishers and the strugglers – thank you, thank you, thank you.

Today I’m not drinking because: the legs of my stool are strong.


How come you’re not drinking?

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