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Author: Marilyn

Odysseus is Like Me…

    ..but he’s a lot more responsible.  You will recall, from your Lit 101 class, that our man was trying to get home after the Trojan War, pissed off the Gods, and had to suffer a bunch of symbolic trials before he could do so. Somewhere along the way, he landed on the Island […]

Charity auctions are to be avoided…

     I once bought a trip to AFRICA at a charity auction at the Jacksonville Zoo.  Do I need to say I had drunk too much Jungle Juice at the Zoo-Beration?  The next day, when the phone rang and the cheerful, Junior League volunteer asked for my credit card information – $10,000.00 and it didn’t include […]

I haven’t memorized the Serenity prayer yet…

   My first Alcoholics Anonymous meeting was intimidating. The meeting place looked like a miniature Cracker Barrel restaurant, with rocking chairs on the veranda, and live oaks providing dappled shade.  The parking lot was filled like Costco on payday with everything from shiny Black Mercedes to beater pick-up trucks.  A Heinz variety of drunks.I sat […]

Release the Kraken!!!

     I have to be honest.  This picture makes me salivate like Pavlov’s pups…  Do you like the way that beam of light is gleaming where the glass bows at the bottom?  It’s like God has pointed his finger.     White wine is my elixir of choice, and I could fill a small town water tower with […]

My most regrettable decisions…

…have always been made after ten o’clock at night and after two bottles of wine.  I bought Fiona online at midnight, from a breeder in Tulsa, when I was drunk.  My daughter Lauren had just graduated from college.  I had just sold my house in the Bahamas, and for the first time in my adult […]

Have you seen the movie The Wolf of Wallstreet?

There is a great scene in the movie, where the Belfort character is sitting by the pool, fresh as a daisy, and his buddy asks him how his sobriety is going.  He answers, “Fucking sucks.  It’s so boring I wanna’ kill myself…” That, my friends, is the crux of the matter. Although the ghastly, inebriated […]